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Sophia Smith

I'm offline right now. Please see my schedule.

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Sophia Smith live on webcam!

Nationality United Kingdom
Seen on Mets, Met Art, Nuts, Superbike Mag, Pin-Up WOW!
Twitter @sophiasmithuk
Instagram @sophiasmithuk
OnlyFans @sophiasmithuk
Last Login 17th January 2021
00:12 GMT

These are my rates:

Private Group
$4.00 per minute $2.00 per minute

I offer these levels:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Tease ? Topless ? Nude ? Explicit Nude ?

Private / Group

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What do you like most about being a model?
Making people happy!

What do you think is your best feature?
My personality, and then probably my eyes.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Love reading, don’t get as much time for it as I’d like, but I’m managing about one book a month at the moment. Love reality tv (I know I know, huge turn off, but someone has to watch it, might as well be me!!). Love music, wish I could sing in tune then I'd like it even more! Love shopping, socialising, spending time with family and friends, but again not as much time for that as I’d like. Also love true Crime.

What three things do you really love?
Maybe I should have read through the whole thing before using the word 'love' so many times in my hobbies and interests! In no particular order: - Love working - Love earning - Love building my empire Lol!!

What three things do you really hate?
British companies that have foreign call centres, whose staff have been given very British names. Hate letting people down (there was a time in my life when this seemed like the only thing I was capable of) Hate racists (do the British realise how many Nations we are actually made up of, from invasions of the past 2000 years? Ignorant!!)

What is your favourite outfit, item of clothing or underwear?
For shoots I like wearing lots of different things, particularly if it’s something I don’t own. My absolute fave articles are my shoes though. I, well, lots lol.

If you won a million what is the first thing you'd do?
I’d probably wait for the cheque to clear! Haha. Im not sure I’d spend anymore money than I do now. Love my bargains, in fact I’d say it was my biggest hobby (must add it to the list above). I think I’d buy a home. Don’t like renting, and the middle of 2009 is going to be the best time to buy I think. So if anyone would like to sort me out before then, I'll give you a free session on here!!

What is your favourite food & drink?
No specific favourite food. Love trying new tastes. Very few things I don’t like and that’s Mushrooms, Courgettes and Aubergines (I think its the texture more than anything). Love Vodka with almost anything, apart from on its own (I know my limits (sometimes!!)), love Black Sambuca. Also love a good cup-a-tea.

What is your favourite film?
Dirty Dancing. My Nan used to let me watch it from about the age of 5. I’m sure a lot of girls would choose it, but for me its more to do with the dancing than the film generally. I’m a British Champion Dancer, so the choreography is a lot to do with it.

What is your favourite type of music?
ANYTHING! But not Metal. Anything I can sing to (in tune or not!). Lover of RnB, Pop, Chart, Electro, Soul, Jazz, Rock'n'Roll, Funky House, Dance.

What turns you on?
I was asked this the other day, and I don’t really know. It’s much easier to pinpoint what doesn’t turn me on. There was an 'occasion' when the person I was with stuck his finger up my bum during foreplay. Anal is great, but you gotta keep them separate. I do like outdoor sex. It’s not the being seen that I like, its just the possibility of it.

What is your favourite flirting technique?
Unfortunately this is highly confidential! I use it to get what I want and therefore, can not trade!

How would a man (or woman) win your heart?
Ooooh gosh, I don’t know! I love a man who knows when to be romantic, when to be in control and take the lead, when to let me win an argument, when I just want to be held. So, seems it’s a bit of pot luck really! Sorry!

What do you look for in a man (or woman)?
Intelligence, a warm heart and a great soul.

Do you have any celebrity crushes?
Oh yes. Like my older men. Never got what it is about Brad Pitt though (like, seriously, what IS IT??). Always had a thing for Robbie Williams. Wouldn’t say no to George Clooney either.

Share a naughty secret with us?
Best place I did it....up the arse ;-)

Do you have a personal motto or mantra?
If the shoe fits, buy a pair in ever colour - Which I kind of already do lol.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd probably be….?
I have a publishing company, I’d probably expand on that. Or something in Crime. But what I really want is to be a housewife, have lots of children and care for my husband and home. It might sound very cliched, but it’s true.



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