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Glamour Models
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You can see here the fantasies offered by each model.

Name Details Models
Air hostess As a sexy flight attendant your model will cater for all of your wishes. Get ready to fly away.
Ancient Rome Your model will be dressed in a flimsy classical Roman gown. As she plays and teases you it starts to unravel before your eyes. She lies back to enjoy sumptuous red grapes and awaits your desires.
Bake me a Cake Your model will be dressed in smart day wear and apron to bake a cake. Oh my, that pasty is getting all over her clothes. As she teases her way down to just her apron, the pastry continues to fly. What a naughty mess!
Ballerina Your model will look demure and feminine in a lace tutu, leotard and ballet shoes.
Balloons If you enjoy seeing beautiful girls inflating balloons, sitting on them, squeezing them and popping them, then this is the fantasy for you.
Baseball babe In her cute cap and baseball outfit you will think your model has hit a home run.
Biker babe Your model will look tough in leathers, studs and knee-length boots.
Bikini - Ice Cream Your model arrives in day clothes and then strips down for you to her bikini to sunbathe. She buys an ice cream cornet, but as she is seductively enjoying the treat the ice cream falls onto her and she gets in a bit of a mess. Looks like that bikini will have to come off as well!
Blushing bride Your model will wear a beautiful bridal-style gown with white lingerie.
Bondage Available on request as your model will need to arrange for another model to help her with the ties. What could be better than seeing a beautiful model tying her friend and rendering her helpless?
Bubble Bath Your model has had a hard day and likes nothing more than a hot bubble bath to relax her. She slowly removes her sexy outfit (your choice) before sinking into the warm bubbles and working up a lather.
Burlesque babe See your model dressed head to toe in glamorous burlesque wear including cute frilly panties and stockings. She will look so good you almost won't want her to take it off! Almost..
Cheer leader Cheer leaders normally get the crowds going but this show is just for you.
Cocktail for One Your model is dressed in a gorgeous evening gown and has been given a cocktail with a sweet red cherry. Sit back and enjoy her wonderful seduction as she slips her way slowly out of her clothes then teases you as she enjoys her delicious aperitif.
Combat cutie A sexy soldier outfit with camouflage gear
Custom You can request a tailored booking of your choice. If you would like a model to wear an item that you have bought submit the details with the booking and you will be provided with an address to post it to.
Dancing Queen Ever wanted to just sit and watch a sexy girl in her party dress as she moves to the beat. Well here is your chance to enjoy just that - and a whole lot more!
Decisions, decisions Your model is on her way out for the evening but would like your opinion on what to wear. You can see her try on different pairs of stockings and outfits so that you can choose your favourite.
Egyptian Dreams Your model will wear a beautiful bikini with a long flowing skirt to perform a sensual and elegant striptease belly dance just for you. You will be mesmerized as her hips sway to the beat of the music.
Equestrian Your model will look divine in chaps, jodhpurs, riding boots, shirt and waistcoat. Almost so good you won't want her to take it off..
Feather Boa Your model is dressed in a sexy dress plus a wonderful feather boa. Enjoy her teasing you as she playfully removes all of her clothes until only the sensation of the feathers is left to caress her skin.
Fireman Your model will look so hot as a firemen she will send the temperature soaring. The only way to cool down is to get out of that uniform.
Foot Fetish Your model of choice can shower her feet, massage lotion into them, paint her toe-nails, put on nylons, pantyhose, high heels, whatever you want - all up close to the cam so you can see her beautiful feet in perfect detail.
Frilly Panties Your model will be wearing a gorgeous pair of frilly panties under her dress. She will love teasing you as she slowly reveals them and plays with them just for you.
Fur Coat Surprise It may be cold, but your gorgeous model is wrapped inside a deep warm fur coat. With such protection from the elements, she has been daring, and is only wearing sexy lingerie underneath. Join her for a very naughty winter tease!
Gloves You can ask your model to wear gloves as part of an outfit you choose or she can model different gloves for you - short, long, leather, nylon, latex, household, fur, whatever you choose.
Going out Your model is getting ready to go to a party. Wearing only a dressing gown, you can enjoy watching her as she applies her make-up, nail varnish, and then makes up her hair. Then she starts to dress in sexy lingerie and stockings and then slips into her party dress.
Head Mistress Your model will look stern but sexy as she makes your Head Mistress Fantasy come true.
Hollywood starlet Your model will look elegant and glamorous in a long gown and elbow-length gloves.
Hooters Girl Your model will look “delightfully tacky yet unrefined” in her sexy Hooters Girl outfit with tight tank top, hotpants and tan pantyhose.
Housework horrors The floors a mess so your model gets the vacuum and starts to clean. (You can help her decide how you would like her to dress for this of course.) It is not long before the vacuum begins to cause some very embarrassing revelations as it starts to suck up and then suck off her clothes!
In Control This must be your lucky day! All you have to do is type IN CONTROL on your keyboard and your model is powerless to resist your wishes. What will you ask her to do, and just how embarrassed will she get as her hands have to obey your every whim!
Jeans & denim Your model will squeeze into the tightest jeans for you or pose in another denim outfit of your choice. She will look phenomenal as the skintight denim hugs her curves.
Keep Fit You have gone to the gym and see a gorgeous girl going through her exercise routine. She sees you watching her and after catching your eye, deliberately begins to tease you. This is surely the best way ever to get your heart rate up.
Latex lovely If you are a fan of latex you will love to see your model in this skintight outfit that follows all of her curves.
Lipstick lady Your model is slowly applying rich red lipstick and gloss to her gorgeous lips, and you can enjoy every second. An up close intimate fantasy that can lead into any other fantasy as well.
Maid in heaven I am sure you have dreamed of a saucy maid coming to clean your room well now your dreams can come true! Your model will wear a very sexy French maids outfit - as for what is underneath you might just catch a glimpse as she i dusting the room.
Mrs Christmas What better present could there be than your favourite model wrapped up in a naughty Christmas outfit?
Naughty nurse Your model will dress as a nurse, but this is the nurse you always dreamt of. How high will your temperature rise as she begins to tease you with all the naughty treatments you have been dreaming of?
Party's Over Your model arrives back from a party. She is ready for bed, but still has enough mischief in her to give you a wonderfully naughty party striptease.
Perfect panties Your model will have a large selection of panties that she cannot wait to model for you. Whether they are shiny, cotton, skintight, nylon, lace, silky, full-cut or thong, your model will love teasing you will flashes up her skirt at her cute panties
Pirate This is a fun fantasy as your model will be a sexy pirate who is dying to show you her treasure chest!
Policewoman Your model will look so sexy as a policewoman that you will wish you could be arrested!
Private lapdance Choose your model, choose her outfit and lingerie, then sit back and relax as she slowly removes it all in a sensual private lapdance for you in the comfort of your own home.
Rodeo girl With her shirt tied-up, cropped denim shorts and a cowboy hat you will be happy for your model to practice her lasso skills on you.
Sailor You will be ready to set sail with your model once you see her in this sexy sailor's outfit.
Satin & Silk Your model of choice will look sumptuous in the softest silk and satin. You can see the curves of her body through the shiny, smooth fabric. Satin sheets available on request.
Saucy secretary Your model will be dressed as a saucy and very naughty secretary. Is it the short skirt, her cheeky unbuttoned blouse, or the way she teases her lips with the end of the pencil that will make you forget what it was you wanted her to do. This is the girl of your dreams who really will take down everything you ask her to!
Shiny skintight Your model will wear the tightest of outfits for you, the shiny fabric showing off the curves of her body. Whether it is leotards, shiny spandex, lycra outfits or panties you won#t want them to come off..
Smoking You can choose the outfit for your model to wear. She will then sit nice and close to the cam so that you can see in detail as she grips the cigarette in her lips and inhales deeply before slowly exhaling smoke.
Steamy shower It is cold outside so your model decides to take a hot, steamy shower. Ask nicely and she might just let you watch.
Stocking tease, daywear Your model will wear your choice of sexy stockings under smart day wear.
Stocking tease, eveningwear Your model will wear your choice of sexy stockings under elegant eveningwear.
Top Hat Your model cuts a fine figure in a top hat, bow tie and tails. Enjoy her company as she slowly teases her way out of her formal attire. What might she be wearing underneath? There is only one way to find out!
Wet & Messy Your model will wear an outfit of your choice and then have some fun, getting wet and messy with food or whatever you choose. You can be in charge and tell her what to put where.
Yes Mistress Your model will look, and be dominant. If you are in the mood for being told what to do your model will certainly take control. Prepare to be submissive.
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